Marketing and advertising is a complex art that requires common sense, in-depth industry knowledge, and imagination. In the marketing industry it is known that the three main objectives of quality marketing are Inform, Persuade, and Remind. If these three things can be accomplished reasonably then success is inevitable and your business will grow as a result. Though, accomplishing these three things efficiently and creatively is what holds most businesses back.

At Chimera Innovations we have perfected the art of Informing, Persuading, and Reminding your current and potential client base efficiently and creatively. Our experienced team will develop your business into a brand by building an effective equity position within your market and utilizing everything from the newest technology available to even grass-root strategies.

Marketing Campaign Strategy

We can identify new ways to bring in your customers, develop your brand and positioning within the marketplace, evaluate and determine key improvements to increase revenue streams, and provide creative and responsive solutions to immediate problems.

Branding and Re-Branding

We can make a difference by bringing your brand to life and establishing your place in the industry through a successful methodology. We will guide your brand through marketing, advertising, public relations, sales channels, and client engagement.

Project Development Consultation

Whatever the project, we will be there to assist you in developing its success by providing valuable resources, creative insights, industry research, and strategic planning for long term results.

Product Launch

We help brands launch successfully with precision and a full compliment of marketing services, from product ideation, design and development, to research and testing. Our team works on branding, packaging and merchandising, advertising, PR, channel development and more.

Business Start-Up

Start your new business off fully prepared by allowing our talented team to assist you with copyrighting, trademarks, business licenses, branding, target market analysis, business plans, marketing, and much more. You'll be ready for grand opening and have the tools you need.


Advertising can be costly and yield minimal results. Our resources and years of experience will provide you with the most efficient channels for your advertising budget to get in front of your target market and gain an edge over your competition.