Developing functionality and building ideas into a reality.

Thomas Pickens co-founded Premier Innovative Technologies with Raymond Alexander in 2013 to provide clients with innovative technology and software business solutions.

Though he has been programming professionally since 2007, his passion for technology goes back much further. Initially he began with programming portions of a web portal for the American Medical Association; it was here that he was able gain the knowledge that allowed him to create his first custom solution for Southwestern Homecare, LLC. Thomas found that he had a knack for finding deficiencies in a company’s everyday tasks and in discovering innovative ways to leverage technology to streamline those time consuming processes.

Through years of experience and study, he has become well verse in numerous programming languages and technologies that facilitate his abilities for determining the right tools needed to complete even the most complex task. Whether it is mobile applications to track drivers or desktop applications to handle billing, Thomas knows what it will take to get the job done efficiently and effectively.